Tenant Repairs Checklists

Does my maintenance qualify as an urgent repair? Urgent repairs can be classified by the following -

• a burst water service
• a blocked or broken toilet
• a serious roof leak
• a gas leak
• a dangerous electrical fault
• flooding or serious flood damage
• serious storm or fire damage
• breakdown in a essential service or appliance , water, hot water, cooking OR heating
• a failure or breakdown in the gas, water or electricity supply
• a problem resulting in a substantial waste of water
• any fault or damage making the premises unsafe or not secure

If it falls under the above, please call the office on 9794 9889 during office hours. If after hours, please call the emergency phone on 0449524036, the number which is located on your lease agreement.

If your maintenance is not on the above list, please email or write to your property manager. Their card will be in your tenant pack. They will action your maintenance the next business day.

I don’t have any power, what do I do?

Is there power to the rest of your street? Please check to make sure there isn’t a disruption with power in your area first.
Before calling the office, please check your electrical mains switch (this will be located either in the hallway or at the front of your property in a box). Is everything on ‘on’ position? If not, then switch it back on. If it keeps tripping back to ‘off’, please check that your appliances are not causing the problem, by unplugging each appliance one by one and checking if the issue still occurs. If your power still switches off after you have done this check, please call the office.
Please keep in mind that if your own appliance is causing the power to switch off, you may be charged a callout fee by the electrician.

Gas/ducted heating or gas hot water system is not working

Is the gas cut to your whole street? Check to see if you have gas to any appliance (including checking your heater, hot water unit and gas stove burners). If none of these appliances have gas, there may be a street-wide problem. You will need to check in with your gas company.
If your heating or hot water only, please first check the pilot light. This can sometimes go off, especially when it’s windy. This will be accessible via a little door or hatch on the appliance, that should have instructions on the door or somewhere near it. If not, it generally involves holding down the ignition for a few seconds while the pilot light re-lights.
Please check this first, as plumbers may charge you the call out fee for something as simple as re-lighting the pilot light.

Water issues

Please check in with your neighbour or South East Water if you have no water to your property. The tap at the mains may also have been switched off, so please check that too.
Finally, if there is a large burst, please turn the main water tap (it should be in your front yard) off so you do not waste water, and then call the office.